The legal framework incorporates: 

 • Gender Based Violence and Domestic Violence Act – Chapter 581

 • Criminal Code – Chapter 9

A protection order can be issued by the Judiciary to protect the victim until the court case is finalized.

A temporary protection order may be sought if a court case has not yet been finalized and the person is at serious risk of harm.

Restraining Orders are issued together with or after the judgment is delivered.

Treatment Orders may be issued both before and after the delivery of the judgment. The difference in the case of a Treatment Order lies in the fact that prior to the delivery of a judgment by the court, the alleged offender is still considered innocent until proven guilty and therefore a Treatment Order may only be issued with his/her consent. If a person has been found guilty of an offence, then the Treatment Order may be issued by the court irrespective of whether he/she consents or otherwise.

Harassment is also considered as a criminal act.

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