Training Programme for Professionals

A tailor-made programme was created by the University of Worchester (UoW)’S National Centre for the Study and Prevention of Violence and Abuse (NCSPVA) for professionals from various sectors and disciplines.  The training to professionals shall pave the way to the up skilling of professionals with greater awareness, sensitisation and knowledge on how to behave with victims and how to better identify victims of violence.

Training programme addresses:

• understanding VAW and GBV;
• identifying VAW and GBV and responding to it; 
• supporting victims;
• responding to perpetrators; 
• preventing secondary victimisation; 
• examine and challenge own professional norms and values on VAW and GBV; and
• comprehensive and appropriate handling of referrals on VAW and GBV.​

The training for professionals is divided into three stages. Professionals attending the training include doctors and nurses, guidance teachers and PSCD teachers, psychosocial workers, social and community professionals such as social workers, police officers, midwives, probation officers and lawyers. They also include professionals from NGOs, University of Malta, the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Commission on Domestic Violence and the Ministry for European Affairs and Equality. The aim of this training is to:

​• equip multi-sector, multi-disciplinary professionals with the knowledge, understanding and skills to respond effectively to domestic violence; 
• develop multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary cooperation that enables relevant professionals to effectively collaborate to prevent and respond to domestic violence; and 
• strengthen coordination in the provision of all related services to reduce the risk of repeat victimisation and work towards prevention. ​